Office 365 Enterprise E3 Trial

Microsoft offers a very powerful trial using “Office 365 Enterprise E3 Trial

Registering for the account requires you include an email account and phone number you have access to. Email is used for obvious reasons. Make sure to include a phone number. Microsoft will provide the option to either call you for verification or send a code to your phone.

Once registered you will see something similar to the image below.

Clicking "Admin" takes you to the following page.

Select your "Time zone" then click "Save"

You can install native Microsoft Office 2016 applications on your computer (PC or Mac) including mobile devices (Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile).

One of the first pages you are  provided is "Outlook". This is the web application of Outlook. Clicking the 4 X 4 to the right of "Office 365" will display the apps that are available. Notice how many are offered with this trial. 

It may take up to 30 minutes for services such as "SharePoint" and "OneDrive" to become available as circled above.

Follow the prompts "The Office 365 admin center assistant" to begin learning how to administer Office 365.