Daniel Sellers in Zimbabwe, Africa

Daniel Sellers in Zimbabwe, Africa

The picture above was taken on a trip to Zimbabwe within Africa. The picture serves as a reminder for me not to grow so concerned about my own world that I do not forget to keep investing into others.



My Story

The way I was ushered into my career path in technology is an interesting story. In my third year of college (I prefer university but I’m an American), I was a student that was unsure where I wanted to direct my career. It was not until I met my soon-to-be wife, Jana, that same year that I gained some clarity. I wanted to marry this girl. How was I going to provide for a family?

That summer I was on vacation with my family. I clearly remembering walking along the shore of a beautiful beach when I whispered this prayer:

“Lord..I don’t have a clue what to do for a career. Would you create in me a desire for an occupation that will allow me to support my future family”.

It is critical to understand that before that summer, I had no interest in computers or the technology that made it work. However, a month after my prayer I disassembled my mother’s HP desktop. Needless to say, she was not amused by my experiment. This was the first time I experienced what is known in the industry as “the itch”. It had to be scratched.

To make a long story short, I was successful is re-assembling my mother's desktop computer. To my surprise, when I started the HP Pavilion, it worked perfectly. Ever since that prayer on the beach I’ve consistently experienced a fire that burns inside of me. It fuels a desire to learn new technologies and then apply that knowledge to gain experience. 

I am blessed to pursue a career I enjoy. Also, it allows me to provide for my amazing wife and a loving and intelligent son. Thank you Jesus.